Vanilla Introductory Pack
Vanilla Introductory Pack
Vanilla Introductory Pack
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Vanilla Introductory Pack

Regular price Rs. 2,100.00 (Inclusive of Tax)

Enthralled by Vanilla and can’t seem to get enough?

Our all-new curated Introductory Pack is just the one for you. Our perfect pack of natural goodness offers you the choice and satisfaction of vanilla in all its culinary forms, to experiment and relish. Our Naturally grown vanilla is of premium quality species with a higher vanillin content than its counterparts which exudes our signature unwavering flavour. Whether you’re a home baker, a professional Chef or an avid culinary enthusiast, our meticulous pack comes with the best of our offerings in the realm of Vanilla.

Our irresistible Intro-pack contains:

1. Vanilla Extract- 50 gms (2-fold)
A compact case of our coveted Vanilla Extract with double fold potency. A delightfully sensuous elixir extracted from high quality vanilla pods, this is undoubtedly the best Vanilla Extract and can be used in milk, other liquid bases, cake mixes, desserts and more to bring out the smooth and delicious flavour of real vanilla.

Vanilla Extract - 50 gms (4-fold)
Our trusted Vanilla Extract, but quadruple fold in potency. Four times the unctuous, rich sweetness and depth of natural vanilla to be infused into large batches of dessert or confectionery. A little goes a long way with this potent and pristine elixir.

3. Vanilla Pods - 2 nos
Open a vial of gourmet quality, moist and robust Vanilla Pods, right from our farm’s harvest. Each vanilla bean pod is hand-selected based on quality and then processed and cured. The pod's sweet flavour and velvety after tones work perfectly in a variety of cooking and baking applications, including ice-cream, desserts, pastries, and kheer. Each pack contains two Vanilla Pods to expand your culinary prowess.

Vanilla Powder- 25 gms
A pinch is all you need to pack a punch with Goodness Vanilla’s Vanilla Powder. Crafted from our gourmet robust vanilla beans, our vanilla powder for baking adds the texture and taste of all-natural vanilla to cake batter, biscuit dough, pastry and much more. Just 2-3 teaspoons for every kilo of dough for a depth of vanilla wonder.

The above Introductory pack is thoughtfully priced and offers multiple forms and applications of pure vanilla to add flavour and deliciousness to your dishes.

Look no further for Vanilla Pods Online for Baking, as our products are packed with the Goodness Vanilla seal of Quality and Trust.

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